FMCC Small Business Roundtable

Program Overview

The Fort Myer Construction Corporation Small Business Roundtable is intended to foster and promote professionalism and integrity through a series of roundtable meetings designed for small business leaders aiming to enhance their skills and expand their professional network. Participants are introduced to local, federal, and private industry professionals, as well as contract procurement and city council officials. They are provided information on current and upcoming procurement opportunities, as well as prime and subcontracting opportunities. The roundtable features guest speakers from the government and private sector who lead workshops on partnering, financing, bonding, relationship building, subcontracting opportunities, business procurement opportunities, and more. Fort Myer provides unique and unparalleled access to its own Estimating Division, accountants, attorneys, and other internal professionals to foster advice and counseling.


As a result of the roundtable, Fort Myer, as well as other entities, has entered into contracts and business relationships with many of the participants, variously operating as either subcontractors or even prime contractors on different projects. We are proud to say that our FMCC Small Business Roundtable members are networking and developing business relationships that strengthen their capacity and deepen the pool of qualified and quality businesses serving the Greater Washington, DC community.


Program benefits:

  • Introduction to local, federal and private industry professional procurement staff

  • Provides information on current and upcoming procurement opportunities

  • Provide information on available prime and subcontracting contracting opportunities

  • Match prime contractors with subcontractors

  • Provides forums and information to develop relationships with minority contractors of various trades

  • Networking with other local small businesses 

"I am amazed at the caliber of the individuals who present to the group. I would not be able to meet these high-level presenters without the roundtable. Excellent!"

- Craig Stark, VP of Business Development, Bree & Associates, Inc.


Upcoming Small Business Roundtable Events


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority - DC Water

Korey Gray, Vice President Procurement and Compliance

Jamel Jones, Contract and Business Development Compliance Officer


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Office of Contracting and Procurement - OCP

George Schutter, Chief Procurement Officer

Nancy Hapeman, Deputy Chief Procurement Officer 


Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Department of Small and Local Business Development - DSLBD

Kristi Whitfield, Director

Ronnie Edwards, Director Compliance and Enforcement


Location and Contact

All roundtables are virtual until further notice. For more information please contact:

Evelyn Ross, Small Business Outreach Program Director at or 202.636.9535 x 2612 

Evelyn Ross

Small Business Roundtable Director

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