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Capabilities to Serve the Needs of the Entire Region

The craftsmanship of FMCC shines in almost every area around the DMV metropolitan area. Our work is seen while driving the roads we have constructed and repaired, such as scenic Independence Avenue, bustling Pennsylvania Avenue, or the historic side streets and alleys of residential Washington, DC.


We have built bridges, walls, runways, and space around major stadiums. Many of the landmarks, monuments, and memorials of Washington, DC have felt our influence.


We are proud of the work we have completed on the National Mall, the White House, Georgetown Waterfront, Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Wall, African-American Civil War Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, United States Capitol, Dulles Airport, Nationals Park, and several others. FMCC is as much a part of this city as the neighborhoods we serve.


With FMCC, there is no learning curve. This is our backyard, and our executives, supervisors, and employees are uniquely comfortable with all of the challenges presented by working in such areas.


The cornerstones of FMCC’s success continue to sustain our growth include quality workmanship based on skills and expertise of a local and diverse staff committed to excellence, reliability in completing projects in a timely manner, flexibility in working as part of the client's team, financial strength to provide the needed resources for each job and strong, professional management.

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Award-Winning Work

We are proud of the recognition we have received for our work. Local, regional and national awards include:

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Street & Highway Construction

  • Award of Merit, Mixed-Use, Engineering News-Record

  • Award of Excellence & Excellence in Construction Awards, Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.
    Virginia and DC Chapter

  • Award for Excellence, Best Multi-Family, NAIOP MD/DC Chapter

  • Design Award Winner: Best Transportation Special Solution, Precast / Prestressed Concrete Institute

  • Excellence in Construction Asphalt, National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA)

  • Project Development and Environment Awards, District Department of Transportation

  • Best Use of Innovation Award, America’s Transportation Awards

  • Excellence in Engineering & National Recognition Awards, ACECMW and National Recognition by ACEC

  • Partnered Project of the Year Award, International Partnering Institute

  • Business of the Year Award, DC Chamber of Commerce

  • Global Road Achievement, International Road Federation (IRF)

  • Exceptional Craftsmanship Award, National Park Service, Department of the Interior

For nearly half a century, we continue to design, build, and maintain streets and highways throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. City roads, neighborhood alleys, avenues showcasing national monuments, and major stretches of state and federal highways are regularly cared for and meticulously renovated by FMCC’s capable and experienced crews.

With experience in multiple core segments of the transportation industry, we specialize in earthwork, utility relocation, drainage, concrete structures, paving, bridges, electrical work, and manufacturing and placing high quality asphalt, concrete, and aggregate.


In addition to our highly-trained staff, which can provide accelerated mobilization, we have a vast inventory of standard and unique material, like granite curb, regularly stocked for quick response and emergency needs.

Paving Division Video

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Reconstruction of Pennsylvania Avenue

Bridges & Structures 

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Similar to our clients, no two bridges are the same. Structures connecting two areas have unique challenges and requirements. That’s why we provide individual attention when we carefully design, construct, and rehabilitate various types of bridges. We also build and perform work on structures, including retaining walls, memorials, culverts, precast structures, noise walls, barriers, and mechanically stabilized earth walls (MSE’s).

FMCC stands out for our successful completion of highly technical projects in an assortment of challenging environments ranging from the most densely populated, high traffic urban zones to historical structures located in restricted and treasured areas of our nation’s capital. Bridges, highway interchanges, transit projects, specialized foundation work, and overlays are part of our everyday work.

Bridge and Structures Division Video

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Monroe Street Bridge Reconstruction


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Many companies perform public utility work, but what separates FMCC from other contractors is the size, scope, timeframe, and client satisfaction of our projects. We perform our utility work within aggressive schedules and in densely populated urban environments.


Our utility crews have successfully completed numerous projects for private developers, as well as local municipalities, various state agencies, and private companies. FMCC has extensive experience with complicated utility work, including the repair and construction of storm drains, sanitary sewers, water mains, duct banks and vaults (PEPCO-approved utility contractor), water retention systems and underdrain systems.


Constantly prepared for quick-response and emergency needs, FMCC’s inventory is regularly stocked with water, sewer, and storm utility resources.

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Northeast Boundary Tunnel - Utility Relocations

North Chevy Chase Water Main Replacement


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Among the region’s finest electrical contractors, FMCC provides electrical infrastructure construction for electric utilities, municipalities, institutions, government agencies, and private developers throughout the region.

With several specialties and a mobile workforce, we also offer maintenance, upgrades, and 24/7 emergency restoration services for a variety of utilities. Our resources are positioned in the District, including a large electrical warehouse housing a wide reserve of electrical material for quick-response/emergency needs. Our teams are trained on the most advance technologies and specialize in traffic enforcement technology helping keep residents on move.


As a key team member in the District’s Smart Street Lighting Public Private Partnership project, we demonstrate our ability to successfully execute 24/7 street lighting asset management and smart street lighting installation and maintenance.

Electrical Division Video

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I-66 Multimodal Improvements Including Toll Gantry Installations


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FMCC has a successful track record of completing award-winning design-build projects with an integrated delivery approach. We pay close attention to our customer’s vision and communicate these expectations throughout the design and construction process.

Because of this, our clients have more say in the project and are able to harness the synergy of many resources working as a team. Encouraging dialogue, we provide feedback on expenses and constructability throughout design.

Our goal is to offer the project team more flexibility and efficiency, creating opportunities for innovation and creative problem solving. In addition to a project we’re proud to collaboratively deliver, we are often honored to receive prestigious awards for the quality of our work.

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New York Avenue Bridge Reconstruction Over Railroad Tracks

Design Build of I-66 Widening in Virginia 

Asphalt Supply & Paving

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FMCC furnishes a variety of state and county approved mixes from its two state-of-the-art asphalt plants, using recycled asphalt to the fullest extent. With competitive prices and mixes that meet the most stringent specifications, our asphalt division is the leading supplier of asphalt in Washington, DC. 

Producing virgin and RAP mixes, we supply state and county approved asphalt to a broad customer base in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We also support our own crews paving streets, highways, parking lots, and bicycle paths. FMCC is known for delivering a superior product “at the plant” and “on the ground”.

With a verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), FMCC can help our customers meet their environmental goals.

Paving Division Video

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FMCC Asphalt Plant - W Street

Site Improvements

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Streetscape: Curbs, Sidewalks, Bike Paths, and Parking Lots

Curbs, sidewalks, bike paths, and parking lots provide the means by which pedestrians and vehicles can access a location. This infrastructure enhances a site's immediate use and also considers long-term needs of the area.  FMCC adheres to civil construction standards such as those set by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ATSM International), ensuring the final products are constructed to the highest quality.

Our team also installs site furniture like park benches, bike racks, playground equipment, and art features. 

Green Infrastructure

Current changes in the environment and continuous growth of our region make it necessary for our team to continuously provide a multitude of site improvements involving sustainable design for stormwater management facilities, green infrastructure, and sustainable environmental features. 

We are experienced in providing Green Infrastructure techniques, including porous pavements, green roofs, and alternative energy resources. Fort Myer was responsible for installing the first “green” alleyway in the District. We advanced the city’s sustainability efforts by installing LED street lights and Fort Myer installed the first U.S. outdoor application of a kinetic paver field using power generated from pedestrian foot traffic to light park benches.

Fort Myer has been responsible for constructing streetscape to many areas of the city.

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DDOT Low Impact Developments Retrofits

The Yards Improvements

Snow & Ice Removal Services

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As an “on-call service contractor,” FMCC supplies an average of 60 dump trucks equipped with heavy snow plowing and handling equipment during the winter seasons.Annually exchanging millers and asphalt for snow plows and rock salt, we provide winter weather management services for the local Departments of Transportation.

We proactively monitor weather forecasts to ready our crews during constantly changing conditions. In addition, we offer customers 24/7 support to ensure prompt and efficient service. Our reliable workforce, rapid dispatch service, local storage sites, and fleet of vehicles ensure top customer satisfaction with our snow removal services. Whether it’s a small neighborhood backstreet or a large interstate highway, we are your resource for safe and accessible roadways during the winter season.

Snow and Ice Removal Division Video


VDOT I495 Express Lanes Liquid Anti-Icing/Snow and Ice Removal Services

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24/7 Emergency Response

Sometimes the unimaginable happens. A waterline breaks. A roadway crumbles. The power goes out. Suddenly, you’re faced with something you weren’t prepared for or expecting. During these stressful emergency situations, FMCC provides fast response, expert knowledge, careful work, and reliable team members to help you get the situation under control again. 

With a robust and varied fleet of equipment and experienced operators ready to go, FMCC is prepared to immediately respond to almost any natural or man-made emergency. Our staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergency response capabilities include waterline breaks, sink holes, storm and flood damage, roadway and structure collapses, maintenance of traffic/detours, and widespread power outages. 

Recognizing the importance of keeping our clients’ systems fully functioning, we understand the urgency of any emergency situation and at the same time the critical need for extra attention to safety of everyone involved in the process.

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WSSC Street Repairs

DC Water Watermain Infrastructure Repair and Replacement IDIQ

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

FMCC is proud to be on the cutting edge of construction industry technology adaption. This year we are deploying the use of multiple tools to allow us to better serve our clients.

Digital_FMCC 2_edited.jpg

This cloud-based project management software helps our teams optimize efficiency, foster collaboration, and cultivate transparency within construction projects, ultimately ensuring timely and cost-effective project completion. By centralizing our standards and creating benchmarks for quality, this use of new software serves as both a guide and a measure of success for each lead service pipe. It is also a powerful record-keeping tool ensuring a comprehensive trail of documentation for all of our work during each step of the process.


The data from Procore is being used to create a performance-driven culture, identify and reward top-performing team members, and make better decisions on projects. Data-driven insights facilitate objective evaluation, benchmarking, continuous improvement, predictive analysis, and real-time monitoring.


Our proprietary driver dispatch and compliance software is being used to dispatch drivers and equipment operators. The technology allows us to conduct pre and post trip DVIR inspections and also report equipment deficiencies to our shop.

FMCC Patch

This proprietary technology was developed specifically for collaboration with our client, Washington Gas. The software shows our innovative approach to managing clients' needs not only in the field, but also with our administrative team as well.

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This technology is a one-stop shop for all of our construction compliance needs, including automated collection and verification of certificates of insurance, W9s, business licenses, etc. With Billy, we are simplifying our vendor compliance process, saving time and money, and protecting our business. Billy integrates seamlessly with Procore eliminating data entry and saving our team members time. Our investment in this technology demonstrates our commitment to mitigating insurance risks and improving our subcontractor experiences.

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This technology displays our commitment to enhancing safety throughout our projects. The technology leverages data to gain analytical insights into risks, hazards, and develop strategies to reduce field incidents with a proactive and modernized approach.

Digital_FMCC 1_edited.png
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