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Use of the new materials will increase the lifespan of the finished project

One and a half years into Fort Myer Construction’s largest design-build project to date, the team is making critical progress rehabilitating the northern section of the George Washington Memorial Parkway from the Beltway to Sprout Run.

The first phase of the project consisted of temporarily widening the parkway. In phase two, southbound traffic has been shut down from I-495 to Route 123 so the team can work on bridge repairs, drainage, guard walls, and full-depth roadway reconstruction. During phase three, which will begin at the end of this year, two northbound traffic lanes will be shut down so the same work can be completed on the northbound lanes of the parkway.

Innovative products and workmanship are being utilized on this project. Ultra high performance COR-TUF concrete is being used on bridge deck overlays. This concrete is being used for the first time on the parkway and has a strength of 18,000 PSI, nearly four times greater than standard bridge deck concrete.

During the asphalt overlay, advanced construction technology is being utilized on our pavers and rollers that will increase the quality and workmanship of the finished product. The data from the technology will connect to a satellite and record in real time the asphalt's surface temperature, level of compaction, and location. This will allow us to ensure each section of the roadway is being constructed to the highest standards decreasing the likelihood of the potholes that have plagued the parkway for decades.

With each mega project the company completes, our experience and confidence to take on larger projects increases. Improvements in safety and quality, innovative techniques and construction methods, and increased risk mitigation strategies will allow us to participate in larger and more complex projects to serve the people of DC, Maryland, and Virginia.


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