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Undergrounding DC's Powerlines

Fort Myer Construction was proud to help lead the DC PLUG project

The DC Power Line Underground (DC PLUG) project was derived from the 2012 Power Line Underground Task Force. Through a collaborative process with PEPCO and community stakeholders, the DC Government embarked upon a multi-year $1 billion power line underground project to help prevent prolonged electrical services during ever-increasing significant weather events.

The project is expected to be completed on January 5, 2023. Fort Myer Construction served as the prime contractor for the project, responsible for manhole and conduit installation and the final restoration of streets and sidewalks.

With a complex project like this taking place in multiple locations across the District of Columbia and utilizing many subcontractor patterns, Fort Myer Construction’s Electrical Division had to be proactive to keep crews and community members safe during construction work. Each morning, a Fort Myer Construction Foreman led a job walk-through with each individual contractor and member of our team to address any safety concerns before work began.

The successful completion of this project strengthened DDOT and PEPCO’s confidence in Fort Myer Construction as a trusted partner to manage and execute large scale electrical projects. We were proud to complete this work on time, under budget, and with zero fatalities or injuries to personnel or pedestrians.

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