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We all understand that at every Fort Myer Construction job, there exists a fundamental requirement for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). At its core, the minimum required PPE consists of a Class III Safety Vest, hard hat, safety glasses, and Cut-Level V gloves.

You might ask, why are these specific items mandated?

Consider the Class III Savey Vest. Its bright reflective design significantly amplifies our visibility, substantially reducing the risk of any of us being accidentally struck on the job. Similarly, our insistence on Cut-Level V gloves is not just about compliance. These gloves are designed to provide a robust barrier against potential lacerations.

Each piece of PPE serves as a shield, a guard that stands between us and potential harm. Fort Myer Construction doesn't just want you to work, we want you to work safely and go home injury-free. Every policy and guideline is rooted in our genuine concern for the well-being of each member of our Fort Myer Construction family.

If, for any reason, you find yourself without the necessary PPE, don't proceed without it. Speak to your supervisor immediately. We will ensure that you are provided with everything you need. At Fort Myer Construction, your safety is our utmost priority.


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