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Making Rock Creek Park Safer

Fort Myer Construction Completes the Zoo Loop Bridge

Traveling through Rock Creek Park near the National Zoo is now safer for bikers and pedestrians, thanks to a new 110-foot pedestrian bridge recently completed by Fort Myer Construction. The new bridge moves bicyclists and pedestrians away from the current narrow sidewalk, directly adjacent to the travel lanes on Rock Creek Parkway to a safer, dedicated path that improves connectivity between the Rock Creek Park Multi-Use Trail and the ZooLoop Trail.

In addition to the bridge construction, the project included significant storm drain improvements ,reconstruction of an existing retaining wall, stream bank stabilization, trail reconstruction, and widening with permeable pavement.

The upgraded trail is now between 8 and 10 feet wide and the surface material used is porous asphalt that will help drain stormwater from the project, resulting in reduced erosion and trail maintenance.

“This project is another great example of theNational Park Service and District government collaborating and sharing expertise to better serve neighbors and visitors,” said JuliaWashburn, Rock Creek Park Superintendent. “TheNational Park Service looks forward to continuing to work with DDOT to improve trails and access to parks across Washington, DC.”


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