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Let There Be Light: FMCC, DC Government, and DC City Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie, Work Together to

Due to an insurgence of crime in Ward 5, and concern for residents in the area where both its Asphalt facilities and Corporate offices are located, Fort Myer Construction engaged in ongoing talks with District of Columbia government agencies, and Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie, and his staff, to determine ways Fort Myer can assist in providing safety measures to ensure additional safety for District residents, particularly residents in Ward 5 where the company is located.

At the top of Fort Myer’s agenda was the need for installation of additional lights, brighter lights, and monitoring devices, at the park located at the intersection of Downing, “W” and 13th Streets Northeast. So concerned was Fort Myer about this crime-ridden area, where the latest victim, 16 year old high school honor student, Zaire Kelly, was recently murdered, that company Co-Founder/Owner, Lewis Shrensky, conducted several on-site visits to the area with District Government officials, and with Councilmember McDuffie’s staff. Fort Myer donated time from their Electrical Division to assess the lighting issue and provided a detailed lighting plan, including an offer to cover the expense of installation. Their offer proved unnecessary, as the company’s efforts, outreach, and planning meetings with principals at DPR, DDOT, and with Councilmember McDuffie, proved successful. DDOT began upgrading the lights at Downing, “W” and 13th Streets, N.E, and surrounding areas, on January 11, 2018, and is installing new lighting this week.

Says Lewis Shrensky, Co-Founder/Owner of Fort Myer Construction, “I am happy that Fort Myer could play a positive role in obtaining better lighting and safety measures for the park located at Downing, “W” and 13th Streets, N.E.” He continues, “Fort Myer has been located in Ward 5 for over 35 years. When one resident in Ward 5 hurts… we all hurt. The murder of Zaire Kelly broke our heart…He had a promising future stolen by violence. We want to make sure this doesn’t happen again. We love the District, and its residents, and urge other District businesses to take proactive roles in their communities.”

“Fort Myer is not stopping at Downing, “W,” and 13th Streets, N.E. We will continue to work with Councilman McDuffie and his staff, and the District government, to assist any way we can in promoting safety and wellbeing for our community. I would like to thank DPR’s Deputy Director, John Stokes; DDOT Director, Jeff Marootian, and his entire team; and, Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie, and his staff, for addressing the needs of residents who have been plagued and terrorized by ongoing and senseless violence,” Mr. Shrensky concluded.


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