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Keeping our Region on the Move During Snow Events

The Fort Myer Construction Snow Team Receives Praise for their Above and Beyond Work

This year has seen record amounts of snow for the Washington Region and the Fort Myer Construction Snow Team has been there to keep the major highways in Northern Virginia safe for the traveling public.

Working on behalf of the Virginia Department of Transportation, Fort Myer is proud to operate the largest salt dome on the East Coast.

In the lead up to snow events, we mobilize more than 350 of our team members to manage this complex operation.

We start with pretreating roadways. As storms approach, trucks are filled with salt then head out to staging locations where we conduct safety meetings and get ready to be deployed.

Once the snow starts falling, our trucks get into formation and get to work to keep our roadways safe.

Day or night, we do our job no matter what mother nature throws our way so the people of our region can stay safe and on the move.

“I would like to express my gratitude,” proclaimed R G Hickman, VDOT I-66 Maintenance Manager. Fort Myer Construction “has always risen above to resolve the issues we have during snow.”

A special thanks to Manuel Fernades, Rodney Davonzo, Rodney Mairose, Chris Augustino, Joao dos Santos, Raul Rodrigues, Jorge Baptista, Mike Mourao and Jackson Martinez who were specifically singled out by VDOT with praise for their elementary work.


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