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Team members are driving technological innovations at Fort Myer Construction

Project Manager Philip Constantino is driving Fort Myer Construction’s pilot of Pro-core. This cloud-based project management software helps our teams optimize efficiency, foster collaboration, and cultivate transparency within construction projects, ultimately ensuring timely and cost-effective project completion. One of the first projects this new technology is being utilized on is the DC Water Lead Free DC project.

Lead exposure can cause serious health problems. Infants, children, pregnant women, and other adults can have increased adverse long term health effects. DC’s Water is working to provide safe drinking water to everyone in DC by replacing all lead service lines in DC by 2030 through its Lead Free DC project. Through the use of new technology, our teams are showing how we can better serve our clients and drive down costs.

Spearheading Fort Myer Construction’s work on the Lead Free DC project is Project Manager Jorge Baptista, Project Engineer Mowahib Vermillion, and Superintendent Rodney Mairose. The team is driving innovation on this project by leveraging Procore's Action Plan tool to create a template for each lead service replacement. These templates outline each step of the process and assign responsibilities to team members to more efficiently get the work done.

By centralizing our standards and creating benchmarks for quality, this use of new software serves as both a guide and a measure of success for each lead service pipe. It is also a powerful record-keeping tool ensuring a comprehensive trail of documentation for all of our work during each step of the process.

The data from Procore will be used to create a performance-driven culture, identify and reward top-performing team members, and make better decisions on projects. Data-driven insights facilitate objective evaluation, benchmarking, continuous improvement, predictive analysis, and real-time monitoring. This use of our new technology is providing a great example of how team members can drive innovations to take Fort Myer Construction to the next level.


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