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FMCSA Launches National Campaign, Y I Buckle Up

Fatal crashes are rising, and not wearing a seat belt is a major contributing factor. Therefore, FMCSA is committed to keeping CMV drivers safe, reminding them always to buckle up. Y I Buckle Up is FMCSA’s new outreach campaign celebrating the many drivers who already wear seat belts while encouraging lifesaving behavior change for those who don’t. Buckling up can help save lives and support FMCSA’s goal of zero roadway fatalities.

Download and share new seat belt educational materials with the CMV community.

Buckle Up to Save Lives

In 2020, our nation experienced nearly 40,000 roadway fatalities, and of large truck-related fatal crashes, almost half of all large truck occupants not wearing seat belts died. Buckling up can help save lives. In fact, between 1960-2012, seat belts saved more than 329,000 lives.

Check out FMCSA’s latest Medium blog post for more on how wearing seat belts can lower these tragic numbers.

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