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FMCC Nears Completion of Rock Creek Parkway Reconstruction – Phase 1

On July 24, multiple news sources got a first-hand look at the improvements of Phase 1 of the Rock Creek Parkway – Beach Drive Reconstruction, which is wrapping up the first phase of construction.

Since June of 2016, Fort Myer Construction has been reconstructing Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway. In phase 1, Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway Northwest to Tilden Street Northwest have been rebuilt from the ground up, using 51,000 tons of asphalt.

The trail that runs alongside the road, used by the cyclists and pedestrians, was rebuilt and widened from six to eight feet. The zoo tunnel has been upgraded as well, crews have replaced new tiles and slightly narrowed the road to make it safer for individuals on the trail.

Additional upgrades also include new porous asphalt being tested and new techniques to slow water flow. This will reduce flooding, improve water quality, and minimize erosion.

When the first phase reopens to traffic on August 28th, another section will close for phase two and three.

Drivers are being warned to plan out the impact to their commute before it happens. For more information on the next steps of the project, head to

The entire reconstruction project includes full depth pavement reconstruction, which requires excavating the entire area and placing a gravel base before new asphalt paving; improvements to pedestrian and bicycle trails in collaboration with the District Department of Transportation (DDOT); DC Water storm drain rehabilitation and improvement projects; installation and upgrades of raised pavement markers, centerline rumble strips, guardrails and road signs to provide safer road conditions for drivers; parking area reconstruction and rehabilitation; traffic signal and streetlight replacement; and the rehabilitation of six bridges.

Below is a breakdown of the 4 segments on this project:

  • Segment 1 (8-10 months) – Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway Northwest to Tilden Street Northwest. Segment 1 is broken down into two phases: 1A and 1B. During 1A, Beach Drive will stay open between Piney Branch Parkway and Porter Street so vehicles can travel across the park. During 1B, this section will close while it is reconstructed.

  • Segment 2 (6-8 months) – Tilden Street Northwest to Broad Branch Road

  • Segment 3 (6-8 months) – Broad Branch Rd to Joyce Road

  • Segment 4 (6-8 months) – Joyce Road to DC/Maryland Border

Click here to view the ABC7 segment on the project. To view other news stories about this project, visit WTOP or NBC4


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