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Fighting for DC Statehood

Fort Myer Construction unveiled artwork advocating for DCStatehood on asphalt plant silos

For 50 years, Fort Myer Construction has proudly served the people of the District of Columbia and called this place home.

According to Fort Myer Construction Executive Vice President Lewis Shrensky, “the fight for DC statehood is personal.”

The nearly 700,000 residents of DC, do not have full voting representation in Congress, even though they are American citizens, pay federal taxes, and serve in the military.

This lack of political representation for DC — which has more people than Vermont and Wyoming and historically a large Black population — is one of the largest examples of political disenfranchisement and injustice in our country today.

That is why this fall, Fort Myer Construction unveiled artwork advocating for the District of Columbia to become the 51st State on its two silo plants.

“It is unfair that DC does not have statehood,” explained Mr. Shensky. “It is long overdue that the people of DC get the same rights as Americans living in one of the 50 states.”

Fort Myer Construction hopes that adding its voice to the calls for no more taxation without representation will help build momentum among members of the business community to finally make DC statehood a reality.


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