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Black Gold

FMCC’s Paving Division is leading the company to new heights

Mayor Bowser and the District Department of Transportation are making record investments in DC’s roadways. When they need a trusted partner for paving work, they call upon Fort Myer Construction’s Paving Division.

So far this year, the Paving Division is on track to complete an average of 45 blocks a week.

Paving work is taking place across the city and includes critical VisionZero safety improvements, including speed bumps, ADA ramps, raised crosswalks, increased visibility of roadways, and signage lowering the speed limit around schools and in residential neighborhoods.

The Paving Division is also making DC greener through its use of recycled asphalt materials and porous pavers that significantly decrease stormwater runoff.

Our crews are hard at work day and night and respond to emergencies 24/7.

“The team members do a great job because they like what they do,”explains Joao dos Santos. “We are proud of the paving work we do here in the District of Columbia.”


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