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14th Street, NW Streetscape Project Kicks Off PaveDC and the 10th Annual Potholepalooza

14th Street, NW Streetscape Project kicks off PaveDC, a comprehensive plan to eliminate all roads in poor condition in Washington, DC by 2024. The PaveDC plan has four priorities: road rehabilitation, road maintenance, alley repair and reconstruction, and sidewalk reconstruction. The event also kicked off the 10th Annual Potholepalooza, an month-long campaign to accelerate pothole repairs in the DC area. To view Project’s Kick-Off Event click here.

This kick-off event was held at FMCC’s project site, 14th Street, NW Streetscape project. Under these two initiatives this project will enhance multimodal accessibility, and make the street safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. One of the key improvements is a design feature called bus boarding islands, which will eliminate some of the conflicts between bikes and buses. The project’s final design will include full depth reconstruction at R Street, NW, ADA compliant sidewalks, upgraded traffic signals, landscaping improvements, and drainage improvements.

The project will also includes an interactive map at of all planned paving for the 2018 paving season. The map indicates which streets and sidewalks are planned for repair in 2018 and when the repairs have been completed. For additional information on the project click here.


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