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  • Location: 9th and Monroe Street NE, Washington, DC

  • Client: District Department of Transportation

Project Description

The Monroe Street Bridge Reconstruction project involved the reconstruction of the three-span Monroe Street bridge originally built in 1931. Although the bridge received a major rehabilitation in 1974, the aged bridge was severely cracked and depressed, with extensive damage and corrosion to the concrete. This project eliminated these problems by reconstructing a new bridge over the CSX and WMATA railroad tracks, as well as the Brookland-CUA Metro Station along with associated roadway improvements.

Fort Myer Construction was the prime contractor on this project and was responsible for many of these changes below:

  • Reconstruction of the Monroe Street Bridge and the addition of two proposed bike lanes

  • Construct new sidewalks, curb & gutter, lighting and traffic signals

  • Removal of overhead power lines that will be relocated underground

  • Landscape and streetscape work including the installation of bio-retention facilities and plantings

Project Significance

This project involved not just replacing the bridge, but the construction of new sidewalks, lighting, and landscaping in the area. Pedestrians have the opportunity to walk, bike, and drive in this area more safely. The project repaired sidewalks on 7th, 8th, and 9th streets between Monroe and Lawrence and provided better lighting and timed traffic signals for crossing the street. All these improvements make this area a great place to enjoy family outings, safer commutes to the metro, and a more desirable community in which to live.

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