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  • Location: Minnesota Ave, NE from Dix Street NE to Sherriff Road NE, Washington, DC

  • Client: District Department of Transportation

Project Description

​The Minnesota Avenue Revitalization project supports DDOT’s goal to improve livability standards throughout the city by making various safety and appearance improvements to DC's neighborhoods. This project will enhance pedestrian crossings, add additional bus stops, improve access to transit, increase green spaces and update traffic signals. All of these improvements are designed to better the lives of residents in the DC area. ​

Fort Myer Construction’s responsibilities include removal of existing asphalt and portland cement concrete (PCC), reconstruct pavement using flexible asphalt pavement, construct granite curbs, granite gutters, and relocate water main and service connections. Our crews are also responsible for installing water quality catch basins, new PCC pipe, bio-retention facilities, roadway signs, and pavement markings. The team is also handling installation of all streetlights, traffic signals, underground electrical conduit and the replacement of all existing fire hydrants.

Project Significance

This project is one of the many that will follow the new District Stormwater regulations, which requires both public and private projects to construct stormwater management systems that are able to capture, store, and infiltrate stormwater to be treated as a resource and to improve urban environments.

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