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  • Location: MD 97 (Georgia Avenue) at Randolph Road, Montgomery County, MD

  • Client: Maryland State Highway Administration

Project Description

This project involved constructing a new interchange to replace the existing MD 97 (Georgia Avenue) / Randolph Road signalized intersection by lowering Randolph Road nearly 25 feet to allow through traffic to go under Georgia Avenue with new turn lanes and ramps that provide turning movements. The project also included the addition of one through lane along Georgia Avenue for a total of three through lanes in each direction. Additional improvements included the extension of the Glenmont Greenway Trail on the west side of Georgia Avenue and an additional 900 feet past Randolph Road to Mason Street and adding new sidewalks.

Project Significance

MD 97 and Randolph Road are both critical roadways in Montgomery County, used by 86,000 drivers each day, and constructing this new interchange will improve safety and allow families to spend more time together and less time stuck in traffic”, said Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown. “By working with our partners in both local and Federal governments, we’re making the investments in our infrastructure that allow us to create jobs, reduce congestion, and support Maryland’s growing economy.”


County Executives named this interchange as Montgomery County’s top transportation priority. Fort Myer Construction was an integral part of making a real difference in improving efficiency for vehicles and, at the same time, providing safe crossings for those traveling by foot or bike.

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