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  • Location: Various Locations, Washington, DC

  • Client: District Department of Transportation

Project Description

​DDOT awarded Fort Myer Construction Corporation this contract to make various repairs to existing pavement structures such as pavement base, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, driveway entrances. This contract also includes constructing wheelchair and bicycle ramps to meet regulations established by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). In various areas around DC, Fort Myer is dispatched to resurface roadway sections, make preliminary repairs to existing structures, manage utility cuts, reset stone curb, replace existing curb, furnish sewer-water manhole frames and basin tops, construct ADA ramps, and perform grading and excavating. ​

In areas of AC surfaces, work consists of milling to a depth of I" to 2"; cleaning and routing of deteriorated pavement joints, potholes, tar patches, striping, and filling with asphalt materials; adjusting any necessary manholes and boxes to grade; applying tack coat; and laying AC surface course.  An indefinite quantity of projects are possible under this contract, based on orders issued (maximum $20M; minimum $I00K) during the term for each period. 67,277 tons of asphalt have been installed to-date under this contract.


Project Significance

Due to the complexity and confined, aging infrastructure of the city, this repair work is continual, challenging, and sometimes with as little as 4 hours advance notice to commence work. With efficiency and precision, Fort Myer safely navigates the confined work spaces with large equipment and materials. ​


Our certified flaggers receive regular training and work with our Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) team to ensure minimal disruption to residents and maximum safety around job sites. Safety Officers also visit job sites on a regular basis to ensure all safety standards, including new COVID-19 safety standards, are followed by all team members. Our client often praises the team for minimal disruptions and careful, swift work.

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