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Elevating Fort Myer's Commitment to Safety

Matt Cook is promoted to the Executive Director of Safety

In an effort to expand the company’s focus on safety Matthew Cook has been promoted to Executive Director of Safety.

Mr. Cook’s promotion follows the internal promotion of Joao Constantino, Matt Hill, and Sam Patel to vice president roles, demonstrating the owners’ commitment to promoting from within and empowering the next generation of leaders within our company.

In this new role, Mr. Cook will have a larger seat at the table to advance his safety goals in order to ensure every employee comes home each day the way he or she came to work.

Mr. Cook has two decades of experience in the construction industry with a focus on safety including working for the US Military on construction projects before coming to Fort Myer Construction in 2009.

As the Executive Director of Safety, Mr. Cook will strive to ensure that Fort Myer Construction becomes the leader in our region for safety and training.


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