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FMCC Safety Bonus Policy

FROM: Jose Rodriguez, President; Lewis Shrensky, Executive Vice President; (Owners)

To: All Field Personnel: Foremen, Crew Leaders, Laborers, Cement Masons, Equipment Operators, Truck Drivers, Electricians, Plant & Shop Personnel.

DATE: May 21, 2021

SUBJECT: Employee Incentive Program (EIP)


Fort Myer Construction Corporation believes that Safety is paramount: “Safety is not just a goal, it’s a requirement”. To emphasize Safety, Fort Myer implements the following “Employee Incentive Program” (EIP), aimed at increasing our safety culture. This EIP is targeted to support Fort Myer’s Field Personnel, as follows: 


  1. The EIP Participants include the following Field Personnel: Laborers, Cement Masons, Equipment Operators, Truck Drivers, Electricians, Plant & Shop Personnel, together with their respective, management-designated Foremen and Crew Leaders.

  2. “Recordable Incidents” are any preventable accidents, as well as those work-related accidents, injuries, illnesses, and fatalities that must be recorded by Fort Myer according to OSHA standardized guidelines. Such types of injuries are considered by OSHA to be work-related when an event or exposure in the work environment causes or contributes to the condition.

  3. A “Crew” consists of the above Participants, that is, field employees as well as their leaders, acting together. Field employees must be regularly assigned as part of a particular Crew in order to participate in the Incentives that are set forth in No. 5 below. A “Crew” also includes Equipment Operators and Truck Drivers, when such individuals are either assigned to a particular Crew, or are operating within the management of the Foremen or Crew Leaders (examples include = when a Foreman is responsible for MOT at a job site and a Driver or Operator operates/drives within the MOT site set up; when an Operator is assigned to a Crew at a job site; etc.). Drivers and Operators, when not assigned to a Crew, are responsible for their own Recordable Incidents.

  4. Each Crew that does not experience a single Recordable Incident within a calendar month shall be entitled to the Incentives listed in No. 5, below.  Conversely, any Crew that has a Recordable Incident will not be eligible for Incentives for that month. If a Crew has two or more such incidents, the Crew will be ineligible for Incentives for the same number of months matching the number of Recordable Incidents.

  5. Monthly Incentives are:

    • The Foreman and/or Crew Leader will receive $100.00 toward accrued yearly Safety Bonus.

    • Each Crew member will receive $25.00 toward accrued yearly Safety Bonus.

    • Each Equipment Operator and Truck Driver will receive $25.00 Toward accrued yearly Safety Bonus, based upon both having no Recordable Incidents when assigned to a Crew, and, otherwise when they are not part of a Crew, having no Recordable Incidents or Accidents during the month.

    • Accrued Yearly Safety Bonuses will be fully paid, without deduction, to each of the above employees at the end of September of each year.


This EIP should in no way prevent or hinder any employee from either properly reporting accidents or incidents, or seeking support and assistance when an incident or accident occurs. Should any Employee deliberately fail to report any accidents or incidents, such will disqualify that Employee and his/her Crew from the above Incentives, and may also involve other consequences. This EIP is an incentive for all employees to continue working safely in all aspects of our jobs.


Safety is our primary goal; there are no aspects of our jobs above acting safely, including productivity.  We want our employees to be safe in everything they do, and believe that this EIP will help in doing so. We must increase our safety culture.   


This program will go into effect on June 1, 2021.  For further questions regarding this program contact Matt Cook, Director of Safety at 202-636-9535, Ext. 2613, or Manuel Fernandes at 202-636-9535, Ext. 2805.    


Thank You,

Jose Rodriguez and Lewis Shrensky

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